the daily (3-6pm)

The Daily – it’s not just an hour

Can’t wait till dinner? We offer a daily feature + snack menu from 3-6pm each day!

the daily march 27-31:

roast turkey sandwich | smoked bacon, brussel slaw, chili mayo, house milk bread + brew or a glass of wine  $15 !

warm house marinated olives   6

edamame | steamed soy beans, chili + ginger   6

wellington paté | fruit compote, cranberry focaccia  13

daily bruschetta | ask your server for our seasonal selection  9

calamari | saffron yogurt, chili aioli, candied lemon  14

coach house cheeses | 4 canadian cheeses, seasonal fruit compote, crostini and crackers  16

wellington share platter | daily selection of cured meats, housemade terrines, pickles, crostini, and antipasti  15/per person

DALEWEBMASTERthe daily (3-6pm)