— to start —
wellington pate | preserved ontario strawberry, toasts 15
caesar salad | romaine, crispy bacon, crouton, house dressing 12
ricotta agnolotti | lobster cream, parsley and chill pangritata 20
tomato salad | feta, tapenade, roasted garlic and cucumber 15

— mains —

thai chicken curry | steamed jasmine, pineapple nuoc cham and roasted peanuts 24
spaghetti in basil pesto | shrimp in lemon, parsley and chili pangritata 25
tuna (sushi grade) salad nicoise | warm potato salad, charred onion vinaigrette,
marinated green beans, capers, olives and hard cooked eggs 34
coach house barbecue | charcoal chicken, overnight brisket, fries, tomatoes, and cole slaw 26
grilled ribeye | herbed french fries, green salad and red wine sauce 40