We are committed to providing you with the most fresh, Canadian inspired cuisine which means that although we try our best, the on-line menu’s may be different.

— to start —

daily soup creation 9 

wellington pate | seasonal fruit compote, foccacia toast 13

grilled calamari | tapenade, parsley, candied lemon and chilli  14

caesar salad | anchovy dressing, parmesan, bacon and crouton 10
add beef tips, chicken, salmon   8

— sandwiches (with side salad) —

buttermilk fried chicken | pickle chive mayo, slaw, alabama sauce 16

8 oz chuck burger | aleppo aioli, sweet onion, crispy proscuitio, arugula, dried tomato 18

focaccia reuben | shaved ham, smoked provolone, fennel kraut, oregano aioli 16

grilled vegetable | goats cheese, red onion, balsamic 15

— mains —

warm mushroom salad | pickled radish, blue cheese, guanciale,  egg, soy vinaigrette 14

spaghetti | lamb ragu, onion soubise, mint and orange gremolata 15

seared salmon | sticky rice, ponzu, bok choy, japanese carrot salad 25

roasted cauliflower | pickled turnip, eggplant puree, smoked almonds, crispy pita, toum 18

steak frittes | hanger steak, petit salad, red wine jus 24

shaved pork coppa | romesco, polenta, olive oil, raw fennel, lemon and sea salt  16

please inform your server of any allergies | vegan variations available upon request