Lunch Menu

We are committed to providing you with the most fresh, Canadian inspired cuisine which means that although we try our best, the on-line menu’s may be different.

— to start —

wellington pate | fruit compote, focaccia toast 13
daily soup creation | 9
6 east coast oysters | lemon, mignonette, hot sauce 18
calamari | chili aioli, saffron yoghurt, candied lemon 14
baby arugula salad | roasted shallot vinaigrette, shaved vegetables, cinnamon onions 9

— sandwiches (all come with side salad) —

buttermilk fried chicken | peach hot sauce, rouille, Wellington coleslaw 14
8 oz chuck burger | smoked cream cheese, caramelized onions 15
open faced shrimp salad | cornbread, tarragon mayonnaise, lettuce 16
‘lunch at grammies’ | grilled cheddar and blue cheese, caramelized onions, tomato soup 15

— mains —

duck leg confit | parsnip cream, apple sauce, cracked pepper spaetzle 24
cauliflower steak | harissa, labneh, roasted garlic, preserved lemon couscous 22
atlantic salmon | green beans, cured tomato, olive tapenade 20
rigatoni | braised beef ragout, spinach, fresh Parmesan 17

— sides —

sweet potato fries  6
hand cut fries  6
onion rings  6

please inform your server of any allergies | vegan variations available upon request