We are committed to providing you with the most fresh, Canadian inspired cuisine which means that although we try our best, the on-line menu’s may be different.

Updated August 2019

— to start —

 wellington paté | strawberry rhubarb compote, foccacia toast 13
daily soup creation 9
calamari | sweet chilli, tamarind aioli, lime 14
the wedge | iceburg, bacon, walnuts, blue cheese, red onion, tomato, ranch 12

— sandwiches (with side salad) —

fried chicken | cucumber, carrot, daikon, cilantro, hoisin, sriracha mayo 14 
8 oz chuck burger | smoked cheddar, crispy onions, mac sauce 16 
open-faced tuna | preserved albacore, house milk bread, tartar, arugula, cured tomato 14

— mains —

kale salad | chicken, pico, pumpkin seeds, smoked almonds, cotija, lime agave dressing 18
house made orecchiette pasta | marcs mushrooms, leeks, snap peas, truffle vin blanc 24
grilled summer squash | roasted pepper hummus, feta, chimichurri, cashews 22
hanger steak | carrot, cucumber, kimchi vinaigrette, crispy onions, gochujang jus 28

please inform your server of any allergies | vegan variations available upon request