dinner + dessert

dinner menu

We are committed to providing you with the most fresh, Canadian inspired cuisine which means that although we try our best, the on-line menu’s may be different.

— to start —

wellington pate | fruit compote, focaccia toast 13
daily soup creation | 10
6 east coast oysters | lemon, mignonette, hot sauce 18
calamari | chili aioli, saffron yoghurt, candied lemon 14
prosciutto and goat’s cheese ‘croque monsieur’ | pickled beets, roasted red peppers 15
roasted carrot ‘pot stickers’ | carrot bouillon, truffle, hazelnut 15
albacore tuna ‘tataki’ | edamame, basil, miso 18

— salads —

wellington court caesar | crisp bacon, lemon, Parmesan 10
baby arugula | shaved vegetables, roasted shallot vinaigrette, cinnamon onions 10
roasted ‘beef onion’ salad |allumette potato, mixed greens, horseradish and carrot vinaigrette 10

— mains —

roasted chicken breast | whipped potatoes, romesco, green beans, fried mushroom ‘salad’ 26
cauliflower steak | harissa, labneh, roasted garlic, preserved lemon couscous 22
erie pickerel | sautéed rapini, chili sofrito, lemon risotto, pine nut pangritata 30
rigatoni | braised beef ragout, spinach, fresh Parmesan 24
braised ontario lamb ‘shepherd’s pie’ | goat’s cheese whipped potatoes, olive tapenade, roasted root vegetables, gremolata 32
beef ribeye | ‘fat chips’, red wine jus, herbed butter, green salad 40

— dessert —

callebault dark chocolate brownie | salted caramel, brown butter ice cream 11
sticky toffee pudding | fresh cream, hazelnut praline 11
classic lemon tart | short crust, minted sugar, berries 11
poached pear ‘crumble’ | crème fraiche, crumble topping 11
wellington court cheese plate | toasts, fruit compote, candied nuts 16

DALEWEBMASTERdinner + dessert