Wednesday-Sunday Take Out Order Form

Wednesday – Saturday 12-6pm, Sunday Pick Up 2:30-6pm 905-682-5518

Take Out Menu | Wednesday – Saturday 12-6pm,  Sunday 2:30-6pm Pick Up

Steak Sammy | home made milk bun, grilled beef tenderloin, horseradish cream, arugula and hazel nut pesto served with fries  $19

Veal Sammy | home made milk bun, breaded veal cutlets, provolone, spicy tomato ragu served with fries  $19

Spaghetti with Sauce Bolognese | fresh parmesan and flat leaf parsley (available gluten free) $17

Mexican Power Bowl | steamed rice, black beans, ancho roasted pork shoulder avocado salsa verde, raw vegetables, fried tortilla and pickled jalapeno  $19

Jumbo Vietnamese Chicken Wings (2lbs) | cucumber and vegetable salad, fish sauce, vinaigrette, red chili, fresh mint and coriander $25

Friday Night Taco Box | ancho chicken, cotija cheese, avocado salsa verde,pickled vegetable slaw 10-$40 | 20-$80

Frozen Home Meal Replacement Offerings

Soup (1 litre)

Italian Tomato Soup $10

Creole Shrimp Gumbo Soup $12

Spicy Indian Roasted Pepper Soup $10

Kale Lemon and Rice Soup $10

Vegetarian Lasagna | ricotta, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella (serves 2) $24

Frozen Meatballs | tomato ragu $20

Chicken Pot Pie | serves two $30

Bake at Home Chocolate Lava Cake $10

Bake at Home Chocolate Chip Cookies 6 | $5, 12 | $10

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