the style

plated dinner

A sit down dinner provides structure and formality to your reception. The most traditional of wedding dinner styles with a large number of guests are comfortable in this setting.

buffet dinner

A buffet dinner can be an excellent alternative to a sit down, plated meal. This format is still traditional, and usually comes in at a lower overall price point than a plated menu. The flexibility and choice offered on a buffet means that the variety of food items can reflect you and your guests’ taste.

food station

Food stations are a more relaxed alternative to the structure of a sit down dinner. They can be a more interactive experience for your guests. Food stations promote mingling over good food and drink.

cocktail/passed hors d'eouvres

If a formal multi-course dinner is out of your budget, or simply doesn’t feel like you, consider an elegant cocktail party instead. By turning the cocktail hour into the main event you can host a celebration with pizzazz!