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Subcontractor Agreement Mn

The customer is responsible for identifying the machines and equipment eligible for a commercial exemption. If your client provides you with a completed ST3 form, you can purchase these resale-exempt items. Previously, you had to enter into a commercial agent contract to purchase these items as an exemption for resale. The independent contractor acknowledges that, during the execution of this agreement, he may acquire knowledge of confidential information or trade secrets. The independent contractor undertakes to keep all this confidential information in a safe place and not to publish, communicate, use or disclose this confidential business information or trade secrets, both during and after the execution of the contract, for their own benefit or for the benefit of another. At the expiry or expiry of this agreement, the independent contractor will provide the company with all records, data, information and other documents established or acquired during the performance of this contract, as well as any copy of it. This material remains the property of the company. This duty of trust does not apply to information that (1) is made fully available to the independent third party provider or (2) is communicated without restriction by the company to third parties. This agreement replaces all prior written or written agreements between the parties, if any, and constitutes the whole agreement between the parties. The agreement cannot be amended or amended orally. This agreement can only be completed, amended or amended in writing in accordance with the agreement of the parties. The independent contractor does not act as an intermediary, advisor for or as an officer, employee or other representative of a subcontractor or supplier of the company, or does not operate in any of the above capabilities for potential competitors or competitors of the company, without preventing it in writing beforehand.

The independent contractor heressover assures that there is no conflict of interest between the independent contractor`s other employment, if any, or other contracts, if any, and the activities to be carried out for that purpose. The independent contractor will immediately notify the company in the event of a conflict of interest in the future.

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