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School Ipad User Agreement

In general, the school will buy and push the content to the student at no direct cost to the student`s family. On a case-by-case basis, application-related expenses may be necessary for the student`s family. When the student`s family buys and installs an app, they retain ownership of that app. Billings Catholic Schools is not responsible for the cost of an Apple ID account on an iPad that was issued to a student. Currently, parents do not need to associate a credit card with an Apple ID. All iPads, including PODs, must be placed in “monitoring” so that teachers can manage the use of devices in their classrooms and the school can transfer content to students` individual iPads. Use management functions are only used if the device is used in conjunction with a school-related activity. If devices leave such activities, there will be no direct teacher management, but content limitations may remain on the devices. The monitoring mode should not interfere with the normal use of the iPad. If, at any time, the school loses its monitoring status on an iPad (z.B.

the iPad has been connected to a computer and either restored to factory settings or restored to an unmonitored state), this iPad can only be used in school functions when it is monitored. Although monitoring activation removes the iPad, all content can be downloaded and installed once the process is complete. For apps that store information on an iPad (for example. B, sites, difficulties, etc.), it is highly recommended to set up the application in order to back up documents on iCloud or any other online file storage (p.B Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) or these files are lost. All iPads are covered by the AppleCare warranty, which covers the manufacturer`s defects. The AppleCare warranty does not cover loss, theft, negligence (for example. B carefree removal of the iPad) or abuse (example. B iPad launch). In the event that an SOD needs to be replaced or repaired, since it is not a guarantee, the student`s family is charged for the damage. The student should report problems or damage to an SOD to a teacher, principal or information service personnel. If an SOD is damaged and you want to make the repairs directly, they must be brought to any Billings iDoctor site (currently West End near Shopko or Heights near the Main Airport).

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